Stainless steel filter

Making the perfect cup of coffee is an art! That’s why we make sure to use only the highest quality materials such as the stainless steel coffee filter. It’s easy to clean and ensures that you make the perfect brew every time.


Silicon base to avoid breaking the pitcher

Coffee tastes delicious out of a glass pitcher – and also looks pretty! But you want to make sure the glass is protected, which is why we equip ours with a silicone base that ensures the glass doesn’t break when you’re using it or setting it down.


Brush for washing

It’s important to keep your coffee maker extra clean to make every cup as delicious as possible. This coffee maker comes with extra long brushes that allow you to clean all the residue out after each use so the next pot is tasty and fresh.


Silicone on the lid to keep fresh coffee

Sometimes you brew a pot of coffee but just want to enjoy it one cup at a time. The silicone lid ensures that you can keep your coffee or tea fresh so you can enjoy it over days at a time.


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